Masterful living is living a life that is full of the Master, that is, God, who is by nature holy. Learn how God can transform you—not through a list of do's and don'ts, not through trying harder or ramping up our level of religious activity. The transformation begins within you, extending outward from the center of your life through transformed character, responsible engagement, healthy relationships, wise decisions, integrated life, purposeful hearts, servant leadership, meaningful work, curious thinking, the restored self.


Front Page Reflections

December 2015 - January 2016

All In!

Sweating and grimacing, we lunge with complete abandon for the goal! How often we find ourselves straining, giving all of our effort, focus, and passion to the compelling vision that occupies our mind – perhaps a promotion, or a mission, or even a sporting event.  We will go the extra mile to fulfill that purpose – just like God in pursuing your wholeness!

I suppose you have never thought of Advent or the Christmas season as a time to consider a total immersion in God’s work in the world.  But in reality the pattern that God has set for us by the incarnation can be described well as “ALL IN.”  God was “all in,” committing to our reconciliation so that we may be restored to His vision for us.  We read about God acting through the prophets and the law and the early accounts of Israel – wooing people into a reverence of intimacy and trust in our creator.  But in these last days, He has acted through His son, taking the form of humanity; emptying Himself, humbling Himself even to death.  This is Christmas – God becoming human; all in as a baby.

What an astonishing model of being “all in” for the sake of restoring all things to Himself. And we are the principal recipients of that wondrous love that is indescribable. Would it not be appropriate, then, for us to likewise be “all in” for that same purpose?  As we are the recipients of the complete passionate commitment of God, our lives may best be invested in a disposition of being “all in” for the Kingdom – reconciling all things to God that they may be restored in God’s vision of wholeness.

--Kevin W. Mannoia

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