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Front Page Reflections

August-October 2014

Finding Value in What You Do

You may be aspiring to some high and lofty goal.  It may be an educational goal to get a degree, or to a position, or to a level of influence.  That’s really great.  It’s a commendable goal that will improve you and your influence.  The big question is, “Why?”

Most people who seek further education or a promotion do it to achieve some goal they have for themselves.  To get a bigger paycheck, a higher profile position, more influence. Maybe they just do it to become more or better at their job.  But still the question lingers, “Why?” 

Ultimately when you keep asking that question you come to issues like self-fulfillment, or calling, or vocation.  The issue of your calling is what begins to give meaning to your actions. 

In the pursuit of your calling you may place value on what you do based upon how effective you are at doing it and how broadly your influence may be.  So when you see great results, you assume that is your calling. It’s certainly consistent with the Scriptural principle of competence and stewardship.  After all, isn’t it the Master who expects that you will invest the talents he has given you for multiplied effect? 

However there is a missing ingredient when you try to place value on what you do based upon its outcome.  In the economy of God, value comes not so much from how good the outcome is, but from the source, the caller.  What you do is valuable not as much because of the contribution it makes – although that’s good – but because the Caller, God, has given it value. 

When you derive value from the outcome, you become hostage to your performance.  God thinks more highly of you than that.  The value in what you do comes from the One who called you to do it. 

Kevin W. Mannoia

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