Does the concept of holiness hold any relevance for Christians in the twenty-first century? The contributors to this book firmly insist that it does, especially in the present age. As members of the Wesleyan Holiness Study Project, they have met since 2004 to explore the mission of the churches of the Holiness movement. The fastest-growing segments of the church worldwide have their roots in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. The Holiness Manifesto offers an ideal overview to those wishing to understand more about this extremely influential movement.


Front Page Reflections

June, 2019
Engaging is Not an Option

In the changing landscape of American culture, the reality of pluralism confronts Christians and the Church requiring new and adjusted patterns of living our faith. To fulfill its mission the Church requires a clear understanding of engagement so as not to default to isolated exclusion. Wesleyan Holiness thinking offers a helpful approach to engagement wherein Christians may flourish and bring hope in this growing pluralism.

Responsible engagement is a descriptor of people who are walking the way of holiness. If our pursuit is to reflect the nature of God through full surrender, the effect is that we will begin to “be holy as God is holy” and thus behave like God. Upon witnessing the free choice of selfishness that brought about estrangement in the account of humanity’s fall, God did not wait around until we asked for help.  Before we knew we needed it, God made provision for a pathway to reconciliation of all things to Himself.  He took responsibility to make a way – first through prophets, priests, and kings, and in the last days through His son Jesus. He did not wait for the request. His love compelled Him to initiate engagement with us in a manner we could see and understand, even though there were repercussions and a price to be paid.  Likewise, Christians are compelled into action before the request is made.  Where there is division, injustice, disenfranchisement, hurt, brokenness we spring into action. We take responsibility to initiate engagement knowing there will be repercussions and resistance.

Holiness people are compelled to engage!

--Kevin W. Mannoia


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